Oops again.

One of my local grocery stores provides recipe cards together with samples of some of the recipes. I don’t know if they do this every day, but it seems that if I am in the store mid-afternoon there is usually a very nice lady with a huge hairnet serving up these “tasters”. (Sometimes the booth is staffed by a lovely looking young man who is not nearly as nice as the lady. But I digress.)

I was in there the other day and one of the samples was of something called Strawberry Lemon Supreme. It is one of those dishes that includes squares of cut up pound cake, cream or cream substitutes, and fruit. I saw that strawberries were on sale (yes, I know, that is NOT eating seasonally and I lapsed, okay?), I had lemon pound cake in the freezer at home, and lemon yoghurt In the fridge. Sounded good!

I was not aware that (I guess) the molecular structure of pound cake changes with freezing (or thawing). As when I added some orange liqueur to the cut up squares, they kind of disintegrated. (It is true that they did NOT add liqueur in the grocery store; maybe they know something that I don’t.) Then, when I tossed in some yoghurt, sliced strawberries and whipped cream, well, it turned into a real mess! So I covered it all with some more sliced strawberries and put it in the fridge.

I should have known that booze, cream and time remedy all because it was really yummy and I’m sorry that you only get half a photo because we had it half eaten before I thought to post about it. I think I’ll call it Strawberry Lemon Surprise.

Lemon Pound Surprise