Icy Treats continued:

Here’s some useful information. A little bit of lavender flavour goes a long way! The Honey Lavender ice cream was yummy and interesting. So was the Honey Lavender Earl Grey ice cream (Earl Grey tea bags infused with lavender). But for 2 people who don’t eat a lot of ice cream, they last a LONG time. Makes smaller batches you say? But most recipes are calibrated for a quart, which seems SO little…….until you have 4 different kinds of ice cream in your freezer, and now it’s a gallon. Sigh.

So I suspect that I will be taking an hiatus from making frozen treats. BUT, exciting for me: I scored a second hand compressor ice cream maker! Yes, an ice cream maker that has built in refrigeration! And it works! No need to remember to put a canister in the freezer (or take up room there!) Unfortunately it weighs almost 45 pounds and has to stay stable, so it has a permanent home in the laundry room.


The first batch I made in it, a salted caramel, was awesome. We kept a tiny bit and gave most of it to a neighbour (no room in the freezer(s)! The texture was amazingly different from my previous products, way softer and more scoopable. This apparently means that the ice crystals in the ice cream were either fewer or smaller than my usual, or both. For everything you ever wanted to know about making ice cream (and WAY more), check out icecreamscience.com.

The second batch, which I made today, is a preserved ginger  and chocolate stracchiatella (means with bits of chocolate), and is completely yummy and not leaving this house! image

So that’s pretty much it for the icy treats theme, unless something else amazing comes along – recipe to die for or have-to-have equipment. There’s a cold noodle dish I’ve been making lately, so I’ll post about that soon.