Crazy Cantina Chili

This is for my Northern friends (yes, especially you, slow:biker) who continue to suffer through a Spring of cold and snow. I realize that the weather could be too horrible for you to go and get the ingredients now. So this is for your next snow day! My friend Marybeth made this dish when I came for lunch one day. I liked it so much that I made it for supper a few days later! The recipe is originally from a cookbook aimed at younger folk, which just adds to the fun for me. I made some adjustments/additions to the recipe, see below. So here is the recipe, which you can find also on Epicurious.



(Sorry about the size of the font. I can’t seem to adjust THAT!)

Because I am hopelessly carnivore, I first browned and drained a pound of lean beef, put it aside, then added it back just before simmering it with the rest of the ingredients. You can also use bison or other lean meat such as ground turkey. OR, if you want more substance but still to keep it vegetarian, use seitan (wheat gluten) or tempeh (made of soy; no gluten). I think that purists would say that it’s not really chili if it has meat in it. So let’s call my version Chili con Carne then!

You may also want to use low or no-added salt canned products, like the beans (drained and rinsed), tomatoes and tomato juice. I substituted low sodium V-8 for the tomato juice, because that’s what I had on hand. You can also adjust the spiciness by adding more or less cayenne. I think that this is a great dish to make in quantity, then freeze single servings for quick and healthy one-dish meals.




4 thoughts on “Crazy Cantina Chili

  1. We also add a bit of chipotle, sometimes in addition to the cayenne and sometimes to augment (depends on exactly how cold it is outside!). Gives it a smoky flavor. Yum!

    • That DOES sound yummy! Thanks MB! I was also thinking about adding a touch of cinnamon which is used in a lot of Mexican cooking.

  2. Thanks for thinking of us here in the north. We must be on the same wavelength – I made a batch of chili yesterday.

    A nice meat substitute option is bulgar. I’ve thrown it in a few recipes that call for meat and have been happy with the results.

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