Tuna Tartare.

I am a big fan of sushi, especially with tuna and salmon. The problem has often been being able to buy sushi-grade fish to make my own. But recently the stars aligned and not only did I find a fantastic set of recipes using raw tuna, but also a local market is featuring sashimi tuna on special! Here is a link to the recipes, created by Susur Lee, a very well-respected chef in Toronto, Ontario, and featured in a column by Lucy Waverman of the Globe&Mail (also Canadian).

The tuna I bought was more tuna steak than the loin that was requested in the recipes. But it worked just fine, especially for the tuna tartare which is diced anyway. It ends up a bit like tuna ceviche as the raw tuna “cooks” briefly in the added liquid ingredients. The seared tuna turned out a bit different from the photo in the article; first, the shape was different. Second, I seared each side for 30 seconds but that barely cooked the outside, which was not an issue for taste or texture; I just think it looks prettier with a wider cooked edge! And it is the wrong season for pea shoots (which I love) so I used mung bean sprouts instead. Not as colourful but still crunchy.

Here is a photo from the newspaper:


Here is my version. I think there was something about the lighting, because my sauce was not orange. The chips were, as I did not find Taro chips and used yam chips instead.

Still yummy! And I think that the Tartare would be a great appetizer, served with just some taro or other veggie chips alongside to “scoop”.


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  1. Just getting started with the blog, but our 13-year-old will love the crescent-roll-pockets recipe, and we look forward to trying the lemon curd!

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