So back at the beginning of these posts I said that I would write about some of my culinary attempts that DON’T go according the plan. And I did write about the inert pizza dough. (As an aside, I put it in the freezer in the hope that once I had more time, I would defrost it and see if it rose over a longer time. It did, but just barely, so I chucked it.) But more recently I had TWO dishes go awry that actually turned out really well!

I have always wanted to cook a brisket. But it is a huge piece of meat (for just 2 people) and not inexpensive! Late last year I saw a recipe that I remembered as being for an Asian flavour brisket and I had that in the back of my mind when I bought a smallish piece for a decent price. I froze it for later.

Fast forward a couple of months and I decided to defrost and use the brisket. First, I couldn’t find the recipe. But I AM the Google Queen after all, so recipe in hand (well, on my ipad) I started to prepare the meat. The first instruction was to soak it for 24 hours. After about 8 hours of soaking I realized that the recipe is for using CORNED BEEF to make Pastrami, not for unbrined brisket at all! So there I was, with almost 5 pounds of defrosted wet beef! I considered corning the beef myself (I made my own “ham” a while ago, another story). But that takes several more days, so I just decided to go ahead with the rest of the recipe and hoped for the best. (I am realizing that this is a theme for me, hoping for the best. Hmmmm.)

Long story short: it was fantastic! I don’t know how it compares with the “real” version of the recipe, but this version was SO moist and flavourful. I applied the marinade and spices, grilled the meat as instructed, baked it for 10 hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and finished it off in a hot oven. Perfect!


Next post will be about the dessert that turned out differently than planned!