Do the Macaron-a.

No, not a typo. Just a bad pun. Sometime in the last few years (a review of news articles suggests about 2010) these little French Meringues have made a come-back. One article called them the new craze to replace cupcakes. (I say there’s room for both!) I have no idea why I suddenly felt challenged to make some, but I did.

The recipe I chose was from the CHOW website, mostly because it looked less complicated than some. I forgot, however, that I wanted to make coloured macarons, and this is a chocolate macaron recipe, with cocoa powder. Oh well, next time!

I know that working with meringue can be tricky, and my batter ended up being runnier than I wanted, so they spread a bit. Also, is it just me or is working with pastry bags a royal pain in the tuches? I did buy a plunger thingy a while ago, to fill muffin tins. I think I’ll use that for macarons next time too. The recipe is for about 25 cookies (50 rounds) and I got 26-2 inch rounds, so I definitely need to work on my portion size!


And there will be a next time. Despite the less than ideal shape, and a few buckled tops (not for your eyes!) these are fantastic (if I do say so myself), crispy in the outside, chewy on the inside. I sandwiched a few together with Nutella. Like so.



I ate that one! Many of the recipes suggest letting the macarons “mature” in the fridge overnight. So I will do that with a few and see if it makes a difference.


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