Awesome Sauce.

There is an ad on TV, I think it’s for a credit card, and one of the “characters” in the ad uses the phrase “awesome sauce”. Apparently there IS such a thing, a tomato based sauce that goes over pasta. But mostly it’s used as an expression that means “Great!”, which is how it is used in the ad.

I am using it for something else, and I don’t mean the lovely Scotch whisky referenced in the bottle below (although that was great too!) Inside that bottle now is ANOTHER awesome sauce, called Comeback Sauce.

Comeback Sauce

Confession time: Many of my culinary adventures are inspired by articles and recipes I see in the New York Times, often from Melissa Clark, Mark Bittman, and David Tanis. But this one is from an article by Ellen Ann Fentress.

Still a keeper! A couple of hints. The chili sauce usually used is Heinz and 2/3 of the bottle works out to about half a cup. And it really is worthwhile to let the sauce sit in the fridge overnight before using, to allow the flavours to blend. So far we have used it on chicken, rice, and cauliflower. This is a great condiment to help you “up” your intake of veggies!