We try to eat what I guess is now called “whole foods”, that is, as seasonal and local as reasonably possible, and as unprocessed as possible. But. So, late last year I read about about Cronuts® and how you can make a facsimile using Pillsbury Crescent Roll® dough. Bought the dough, made the pastries; bought the dough again, didn’t use it.

Until today. We are trying to use up leftovers from our recent open house (as opposed to putting it all in the freezer, then tossing it out when it is unrecognizable with freezer burn!) and I still have some ham (which I “made” myself by the way by brining some pork, but that’s for another post) and cheese, and LOTS of pickled vegetables. Southerners LOVE their pickles.

Suddenly I had the makings of a hot lunch! Rather than separating the crescent roll pieces into triangles, I pinched together 4 sets of 2 triangles and ended up with 4 rectangles. Pinch the seams well, back and front. On half of each rectangle put some chopped ham, grated cheese (I did 2 with Cheddar and 2 with Gouda) and a bit of chopped pickled something (banana peppers, okra, mushrooms) or sun dried tomatoes, anything you have to hand.

Fold the other half of each rectangle over the filling so you have 4 “pillows”. Then pinch the edges together well on all three open sides of each one. Place the “pillows” on a baking tray and bake in a 375F oven until nicely browned, maybe 25 minutes.


I guess I should have taken the photo of all 4 BEFORE we started eating them! I had a thought after, that I could have used ham and pineapple as a filling, and added a spoon of pasta or pizza sauce (oh, come on! You don’t have some in the back of the fridge?). Then it would have been a homemade version of another commercial product. I’m sure that you have lots of your own ideas for fillings from leftovers!