Serendipity is your friend.

My adventures with cooking and baking often start serendipitously. I am reading something and there will be a reference to a certain food or dish and my mind says “hmmmm. I want to check that out.” That’s how I ended up making the subject of this post.

I read a column in the New York Times written by someone who shared a food memory with his cab driver. The memory referenced an Armenian dish called lahmajun, kind of like an Armenian pizza. Sounded yummy! So I looked it up online and found mostly references to lahmacun, a Turkish version. (I am not insensitive to the potential political implications of this, but this blog is about FOOD.) My web surfing brought me to a recipe on a lovely blog called Global Table Adventure. Now THERE’S a food blog!
This was my version. We had had lamb for dinner the night before, so I used locally accessed ground beef instead. The recipe makes several “pizzas” and the dough is EXCELLENT; I didn’t use all of it that night, so I froze half, then defrosted it another night for a thin crust ham and pineapple pizza. STILL good!